The adoption of precision cattle raising in Herdade dos Esquerdos, Vaiamonte, Monforte, Portugal resulted from the electronic identification of the cattle, within the project IDEA, in the year 2001.

The system developed by the company set up for this purpose in 2007, the PECplus, consists of 3 main components:

  • the reticular cake with low frequency RFID microchip;
  • equipamentos diversos de recolha e registo de informação (PECreader e PECmanga)
  • sistema de gestão de dados (OVIGEST).

In daily life, the shepherds who have replaced their shepherd’s crooks by the hand reader (PECreader), record all zootechnical checks events of each animal: births, batch changes, changes in plot, gestation diagnostics, pathologies diagnostics, sales, milk production, deaths, prophylaxis and other treatments, etc. In the end discharge all these data to the management software, the OVIGEST.